About Us

The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) was created to serve the interests of telecommunications professionals engaged in the design, delivery, assurance, fraud containment, risk management and audit of telecommunications revenue streams and approaches throughout the world. GRAPA does this through the development, formalization and promotion of professional practices; development, creation and promotion of innovative, new and more efficient methodologies; and the standardization, training and certification of those skills, methodologies and approaches.


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Specifically, GRAPA is involved in the areas of:


  1. The cost-effective identification and containment of leakage risk.

  2. Support for New Product Development and the development of innovative new price plans and revenue models that provide carriers with competitive advantage through revenue modeling.

  3. Responsibility for adding significant value to the profitability of firms through the protection and monitoring of revenue margins.

  4. Protection against the threat of revenue loss that resulted from unmanaged migration to new technologies and changes to network configuration and infrastructure.

  5. Comprehensive protection of revenues against fraud and criminal attack.

  6. Identification and containment of the risk of revenue loss and revenue erosion due to market forces and changes (market assurance and churn assurance).


As the leading standards, certification and professionalizing body in telecoms revenue risk, audit and assurance, GRAPA is committed to core principals of consensus, rationalization and integrity in all its endeavors. GRAPA’s goal is to further the status of those working in telecoms revenue functions, and to have their essential contributions recognized at the core of efficient and effective industry practice. GRAPA believes this can only be achieved through the rigorous application of ratified global standards, the certification of trained and qualified professionals, and the continuous education of those who work in such demanding and constantly evolving disciplines.


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