About GRAPA's Practitioners of Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues Certification (CB-IATR)

As most of us know, the telecommunications industry is an incredibly technical environment with a unique business model. And because "the telecommunications way" of doing things is so unusual, internal auditors often find it difficult to fully understand what goes on, much less do a good job of accurately auditing telecom revenues.

However, since the vast majority of what interests telecoms auditors relates, more often than not, to fraud as well as the integrity of revenue generation and tracking processes, there is a great deal that GRAPA—as a revenue assurance organization--can offer internal auditors. As such, GRAPA has expanded the scope of our internationally ratified training and certification program to meet demand from internal auditors.

The GRAPA internal audit certification provides internal auditors with a comprehensive understanding of how telecommunications revenue management works, and provides a framework for internal auditors and revenue assurance professionals to understand how they can work as a team to provide telcos with an optimum containment of loss and risk.

The internal audit certification has met with strong support from many internal auditors, audit committees and audit organizations.

The certification GRAPA offers is in "the auditing of telecom revenues"—GRAPA is not an auditor's organization nor a certification body for auditors—however, many auditors have submitted this training to their certification organizations and received credit for continuing education, helping them remain in good standing. Currently we have a group working on making that designation official in the US and other key areas.

In order to fulfill the training requirement of the certification, internal auditors will sit in the same classroom and experience the same training as those working towards revenue assurance certification, which is especially helpful in clarifying the boundaries between the two functions. Internal auditors should rest assured though, that the training covers both the RA and I/A perspectives in depth, alongside coverage of IFRS and GAAP issues relating to revenue recognition, as well as the proper allocation and reporting of revenues. The training will also address regulatory compliance and management accounting - especially when it comes to the materiality, accuracy and completeness of reported information.

Internal auditors are however expected to take and pass an additional "internal audit" test - 60 questions, which reviews the course material specifically from an audit perspective.

To fulfill the work experience requirement for certification, you need to have at least 6 months experience as a telecoms auditor.

To pass the special internal audit test, you will need to have a working knowledge of GAAP and IFRS in relation to telecom revenues.

If you do not have the experience or wish to defer testing, you can be awarded the certification "pending - experience" or "pending - testing" and cover that requirement only when you feel you are ready.

If you have more questions about GRAPA's Practitioners of Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues Certification, please contact us at info@grapatel.com.

Internal Audit Certification for Telecom Revenues Introduced—GRAPA Certifies Practitioners of Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues (CB-IATR)

Responding to demand from telco internal auditors, the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) is offering a Practitoners Certification in Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues in line with internationally ratified standards.

"Telco internal auditors tend to be skilled finance professionals, but they often lack formal education in the unique networks, systems and processes they are tasked with auditing. However internal auditors do not need a PhD in Engineering to understand how networks function, especially since most systems have audit trails embedded in their logic. All internal auditors need is some focused training on how network processes function. Acquiring this intimate knowledge of telco environments quickly transforms shallow generalists into true telecommunications professionals" said Rob Mattison, GRAPA's President.

"Internal auditors and revenue assurance are natural partners within the telco. Both are on the same team, especially when it comes to eliminating fraud and revenue risk. However GRAPA's training also helps clarify boundaries and responsibilities, allowing I/A and RA to work together effectively as a team. Both sides have to remember that I/A is the telco's independent check, while revenue assurance is I/A's (operationally responsible) enforcement arm. Internal audit is the strategic brains guiding the tactical brawn of revenue assurance" said Louis Khor, GRAPA's Director of Research and Industry Analysis.

Telco Internal Auditors will be able to certify as Practitioners of Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues (CB-IATR) by attending GRAPA's intensive 'Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme' training program, taking a series of tests and providing proof of experience working in telco internal audit.

For more information on GRAPA's upcoming training events where students will be able to certifiy as Practitioners of Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues, please visit the RA Academy Site.