GRAPA's 2013 Certification Program


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GRAPA training events offer challenging, comprehensive curriculum that require hard work from the participants to pass strict requirements for certification. Each training event is unique, including the latest industry-best standards and practices for revenue assurance, fraud, internal audit and financial professionals in the telecommunications field.

By offering more training events in more operational areas, GRAPA has quickly become the
largest association of telecoms operations and risk management professionals in the world, with
over 7000 members in over 170 countries around the world.

Become a Certified Practitioner of Revenue Assurance
As the world’s leading authority on revenue assurance, we have certified thousands of revenue
assurance practitioners. Revenue Assurance (RA) trainings are based on the The Revenue Assurance Standards – a comprehensive Body of Knowledge spelling out the charter and scope of the revenue assurance function approved by GRAPA’s global membership. Certified Practitioners of RA have the authority to apply GRAPA’s systematic set of standard methodologies to all revenue-related issues, often making them the most valuable and competent individuals within their organization. Click here to see current Revenue Assurance Programs Or, get certified online! See our online training courses here.


Become a Certified Telco Fraud Officer
Cybercrimes and telecom frauds present a large risk to an organization’s profits and require knowledgeable fraud management professionals to control the countless number of vulnerabilities within a telco. GRAPA Certified Telco Fraud Officers have undergone 40 hours or more of specified instruction on the industry-best methods and practices for combating fraud in all its forms. Certified Telco Fraud Officers follow GRAPA’s proven scientific approach to proactive and reactive fraud management techniques giving them the advantage against fraudsters and criminals that target telecommunication companies. Click here to see current Telco Fraud Programs Or, get certified online! See our online training courses here.


Become a Certified Specialist in Focused Operational Areas
GRAPA’s 360o view of telecoms operations and revenues apply to more than just revenue assurance and fraud professionals. GRAPA also offers trainings specific to Internal Auditing, Roaming, Mobile Date, Voice, Interconnect, Accounting, Management, I/T and Financial Regulation. Each training event follows a focused structure of lecture, workshop and testing - ensuring mastering of material by each participant. Click here to see current Training Programs


Certification Requirements:

To earn GRAPA certification, participants must-

  1. Complete all hours of a given training
  2. Pass all tests and assignments
  3. Prove 6 months experience in their field.



Master Certification Requirements
GRAPA training events evolve and develop over time as new technologies become available and fraudsters become more creative.  A Revenue Assurance training event from 2012 will include material that wasn’t relevant in 2010 and vice versa.  Therefore, existing Certified Practitioners, Officers and Specialists have the option to become an Master Certified Practitioner, Officer or Specialist by attending additional trainings. 


Maintaining Certification
GRAPA certification is valid for 5 years*.  While the standard methodologies learned in GRAPA training events can be applied to any situation, the methods and approaches develop and change as new technologies, systems and applications become available.  Therefore, to ensure that GRAPA certification represents individuals who have knowledge of up-to-date industry-best practices, certified practitioners, officers and specialists are required to renew their certificate every 5 years or attend a new training. 


Renewal is free and requires members to download the latest version of The Revenue Assurance Standards and complete an online training module regarding the updates made to the standards.

*Applies to certificates granted in 2009 or later.


Summary of Certification Programs Currently Under Development for 2013:

  1. Entry Level Certification - for those completely new to Revenue Assurance, we are developing a CDR, spreadsheet and database training (40hrs) towards certification that new analysts will be able to perform rudimentary revenue assurance tasks assigned them, including basic forensic queries and preparation of compliance document
  2. Market and Margin Assurance Certification - certification for professionals focused on issues such as Churn, New Product and Price Plan Deployment, as well as the assurance of Marketing Activities (40hrs of training)