GRAPA's 2015 Certification Program


Get Certified! Online or at a Regional Event

GRAPA exists for only one reason.. to help revenue assurance, internal audit, fraud management, profit accounting and other assurance professionals to improve their skills and their standing in the information, communications and techology industry.

Certification is by far, the biggest and best benefit GRAPA membership can offers its members.

In 2015 the GRAPA certification program was modified to put it better in alignment with the rapid pace of change in the industry at large. Some of the biggest changes have included:

1. The addition of an "Apprentice Level" certification for new hires and people new to telecoms.

2. Enhancement of the existing Practioner, Manager and Expert level certification to allow for more options and specializations.

3. Expansion of our constituency to include cyber-security, profit accounting, pricing specialists and other finance and security controls professionals.

To see the latest information on the new certification programs, you can see our new certification site at: