2010 Certification Committee Recommendations 





Management Comments

Committee Disposition


Dean Smith


Certification needs to reflect real world applications to be credible - some vocational assessment or proven application, along with long term assessment periods for remote work submitted and not just classroom training



Isaac Ogide


Continuous training could be achieved by circulating relevant articles, lectures and important information to members, who would be required to answer some structured questionnaire



Hans Eismann


Certify organizations as Training Providers


Soft skills would be a useful part of the certification program



Eman Kamel


Process analysis will be another useful addition to the certification program


Enriching the certification program with examples, case studies or problems that need analysis may be also useful


I think it is important to ensure community participation. Spelling out a more specific set of expectations will allow people to review the benefits of participating even if they do not have the time or inclination to get actively involved. 



Pamela Noriega


Even though the certifications will be related to the latest set of standards, the statement may be understood as a commercial way to get you certified every year. We could implement a set of rules in order to maintain a rational time of validity.


This certification is only to GRAPA members? 



Desire Nindjin

Cote d'Ivoire

If it is possible to increase from 80 Hours to 2496 Hours (1 year) and change training session to information. It will be interesting to all participants to get more RA knowledge.  Many members and non members of GRAPA in Cote d'Ivoire would like to become RA practitioners


As far as I am concerned, it will important to increase the hours for the students or persons who would like to practice RA activities based on GRAPA Standards.


Location based billing and location based services to the body of knowledge 



Rob Mattison


3g, GPRS, VNO to the body of knowledge 


The examination should be performed as a separate exercise from the day-to-day classes e.g. under examination conditions, invigilation etc


Certification should be  done (if not already) on a follow up of references provided.


Change the name of the examination from Bachelor of___to something like Certified Revenue Assurance Professional___



Mike Seddon


I think the CISA examination and certification process provides a pretty good framework for all this www.isaca.org  They are now a mature American originating organization for information system audit and control that is very formalized in its approach


I would compare GRAPA as an organization with ISACA in its early incarnation.  ISACA ( www.isaca.org ), as you will be aware, is the Information Systems Audit & Control Association, founded in 1969 and now with about 86,000 members. It has benefited greatly by the adoption of various governance regulation like SOX.   It offers two main qualifications CISA and CISM which are now generally very well recognized around the world.  It also promotes the adoption of local chapters that are networked into the main organization.  I am pretty sure that they had the same teething problems as GRAPA is perhaps facing now in its early years.  Either way I think that its examination and certification process is a pretty good model.


I think some variation in the instructors would also be useful in order to the show the organization as a larger entity especially for the corporate bodies that fund employee training and also to give different perspectives on the RA discipline.  


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