GRAPA Certification for Interconnect Operations
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Certified Specialist in Interconnect Operations

While the business of interconnect has taken several leaps forward , the formal training and mentoring available to those people commissioned with responsibility for running and protecting this line of business has not kept pace. So often Interconnect operations departments and managers have no way of knowing if what they're doing is really in line with industry standard practice, or whether they are leaving huge amounts of money on the table that could be adding significantly to the telco's bottom line. Managing this line of business, ensuring it is well run, profitable and fraud-proofed is not a trivial undertaking. Doing so requires professionals with the right skills, knowledge and ability to manage one of the most complex and risk-prone lines of business in telecoms.

GRAPA's Interconnect Certification was designed to help telcos manage and profit from their Interconnect operations. It is structured to provide professionals with an end-to-end understanding of the Interconnect line of business, and ensure they have the skills and tools required to protect against the many inherent partner, fraud, and margin risks.

How was Certification Developed:

Based on feedback from the membership, GRAPA commissioned from its certification committee requirements for the certification of Telecoms Interconnect Operations Professionals. Following a rigorous process of detailed public review, consultation and comment by GRAPA's extended membership over the course of the last 3 years, the standards body has accumulated an overwhelming consensus among telecoms operations professionals of the skills, knowledge and standard practices required to certify telecoms Interconnect professionals.

Certification Requirements:

In accordance with policy guidelines issued by GRAPA's certification committee, the requirements for telecoms Interconnect Specialist certification are as follows:
1) meeting coursework requirements
2) performance in certification exams
3) verification of relevant work experience in telecoms accounting and finance.

The initial proposed level of coursework engagement is set at 20 hours. The definition of relevant work experience provided by the certification committee is to include, but not be limited to, the period of a professional working at a telecoms operating company in a Interconnect operations capacity.

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Certified Specialist in Interconnect Operations
Alberto Pondeca
Fatima Darsamo
Halima Izidine
Ainadine Mucuna
Anette Federhen
Luis Massango
Helena N'Chumali
Tilgade Ubisse
Alfredo Jetha
Leticia Mucavele
Maria Juvencio
Alberto Cumaio
Fatima Gravata
Jovito Mariano
Lucilio Matshinha
Celina Machiana
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