Revenue Assurance Certification offered to Telecommunications Regulators--GRAPA Certifies Practitioners of Revenue Assurance Regulatory Compliance (CB-RARC)

Responding to demand from national telecommunications regulators, the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) is offering certification to government agencies looking to apply internationally ratified revenue assurance standards.

Rob Mattison, GRAPA's President, talked about how "Modern regulators have a daunting task. Charged with promoting effective and sustainable competition, they also have to be transparent in day to day operations." He added that "While government bodies are not directly involved in provisioning and billing for telecom services, it is still crucial for regulators to have a thorough understanding, not just of what drives consumer satisfaction, but what telcos offer and how they do it."

Most regulatory bodies have adopted standards that address the quality of provisioning, network performance, and the compatibility of networks. But while these are crucial measures of a well managed system, regulators have often overlooked revenue assurance standards--that help ensure a positive consumer experience even after service is established.

Louis Khor, GRAPA's Communications Director asserts that "The consumer is not only concerned with network availability and reliability, they also demand timely and accurate billing for services. Improperly rated calls, double billing and untimely billing--all ultimately lead to consumer dissatisfaction and churn between service providers. Both regulators and carriers need to understand what contributes to these issues, as well as what controls can be put in place to minimize them."

Representing a rapidly growing membership of over 6500 Revenue Assurance professionals from around the world, GRAPA is in unique position to train and certify regulatory bodies in these important yet often neglected aspects of revenue assurance regulation. With input from over 1000 telecom operating companies, GRAPA has ratified and published an international set of revenue assurance standards and principles, now widely regarded as the gold standard for revenue assurance regulation.

Because GRAPA instructs practicing revenue assurance professionals in the latest innovations, regulators can be assured they are receiving as good if not better training than the professionals they oversee. This allows regulators not only to even the playing field, but also take back the lead in setting direction for the industry. The result will be regulators who are better able to implement controls that maximize overall telco performance across the board.

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