Body of Knowledge Specification


Based upon the issues and assumptions highlighted within this document we can now proceed with the development of a proposal for the institution of a certification program for GRAPA. We highlight here each of the proposed components. The first thing to be established is the appropriate body of knowledge to be associated with the certification effort. The body of knowledge must consist of standards, subject matter, techniques and tools.


The GRAPA Body of Knowledge specification provides a clear definition of the different areas of knowledge and expertise required to qualify as a revenue assurance professional. The Body of Knowledge Specification Areas Include:


1. Domain Knowledge - Major areas of telco operations knowledge directly related to billing and revenue operations

2. Techniques Knowledge - Understanding how to get things done

3. Tools Knowledge - Understanding the tools available and how to use them

4. Line of Business and BSS/OSS Operational Models Knowledge - Understanding the business models and operational frameworks associated with each major telecoms business


To see a detailed listing of the Body of Knowledge for each area, just following the links.