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August 12, 2011
Expanded Onsite Availability: GRAPA Certified Faculty, Telecoms Risk Officer Curriculum

August 05, 2011
GRAPA Announces Revenue Assurance Professional Advocacy Committee

July 18, 2011
GRAPA Introduces New YouTube Video Series

June 08, 2011
GRAPA Members to Speak at Telecom Industry Event in Latin America

May 31, 2011
Telecom Fraud Academy Launches New Website

October 29, 2010
Experienced Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager From Latin America Joins GRAPA Faculty for 2011

June 30, 2010
I LOVE Revenue Assurance - and GRAPA Does Too

June 30, 2010
GRAPA Creates New Discussion-Based Blog on GRAPA Community Matters: Join the Discussion

April 23, 2010
GRAPA Certifies First Class of Telco Fraud Officers at Certification Event in Lagos

March 8, 2010
GRAPA Offers Free Publications & Presentations Through Telco Fraud Officer Library

February 19, 2010
New Telco Fraud Master Class Features Collaboration by Regional Experts

February 8, 2010
Fighting Telco Fraud, Cyber Terrorism, SimBOX/Bypass: A Comprehensive New Approach to Telco Fraud

February 2, 2010
GRAPA Certifies 30 Internal Auditors in Revenue Assurance from Protiviti's Member Firm for the Middle East Region

January 4, 2010
GRAPA Revenue Assurance Regulatory Compliance Certification Awarded to Tarig Rahamtalla

November 11, 2009
GRAPA Certifies an Entire Country of Revenue Assurance Professionals

October 19, 2009
Revenue Assurance Profession Booming Globally, RA Association Adds 500 Members in 3 Months

October 12, 2009
GRAPA's European Chapter Announces its 50th Revenue Assurance Training Graduate

October 09, 2009
SITM and GRAPA Address Asian Revenue Assurance at Communique '09: Asian Telecoms Seminar

Sept 06, 2009
Internal Audit Certification for Telecom Revenues Introduced--GRAPA Certifies Bachelors of Internal Audit for Telecom Revenues (CB-IATR)

July 20, 2009
'Revenue Assurance to the Xtreme' Training and Certification Program Launching Sept. 2009, London

July 20, 2009
Revenue Assurance Certification Offered to Telecommunications Regulators—GRAPA Certifies Bachelors of Revenue Assurance Regulatory Compliance (CB-RARC)

July 15, 2009
GRAPA Announces New Certification Criteria for 2010

July 11, 2009
2500+ Members Registered with the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA)

May 29, 2009
First East African Certified as Master of Revenue Assurance Management (CM-RAM)

May 21, 2009
20% of CDRs Not Forwarded to Mediation, 16% of Revenue Assurance Professionals Cannot Name Brand of Mediation System

May 13, 2009
Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) Expands Online Community Offerings with New Front Page and Blog Listings

July 07, 2007

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