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Telco Fraud Officer Webinar Videos and Slide Handouts

The Telco Fraud Officer Committee has been meeting once a week to discuss the new Telco Fraud Officer Course Curriculum. View these webinar videos and slide handouts to get a detailed overview of the new Telco Fraud Officer Course and find out more about what a Telco Fraud Officer will learn during this course!

TFO Day 1: Is Your Telco a Free Meal for Fraudsters? Webinar Video and Handouts

TFO Day 2:
Techno Fraud, Cyber Crime and Phantom Phreaks: High Tech Fraud for the High Tech Telecom Webinar Video and Handouts

TFO Day 3: Broken Trusts: Customer and Employee Fraud Webinar Video and Handouts

TFO Day 4: The Prisoner's Dilemma: Partner Fraud Webinar Video and Handouts

TFO Day 5: Creating a Secure Environment: Dealing with Criminals, Terrorists and Law Enforcement Webinar Video and Handouts


"Using The Circle of Trust to Enhance Fraud Management in Developing Markets"
Ade Banjoko, Telco Fraud Officer Committee Member
This groundbreaking whitepaper describes a revolutionary new approach to Telco Fraud Management around the world. As new technologies are invented and utilized, fraudsters are learning new and different ways to hack into Telcos' revenues and systems. Learn how Telcos can work together to put a stop to Fraudsters once and for all.
Circle of Trust

Included in this whitepaper:

  • Detailed plans and methodologies for the establishment of a global Circle of Trust Program
  • Why a Circle of Trust would be beneficial to ALL Telcos, worldwide
  • Utilizing the Circle of Trust to combat fraud within the Telecommunications industry, as well as within the government

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Telecoms Fraud and Fraud Risk Prevention 2009 Presentation Slides
Pamela Noriega, Telco Fraud Officer Committee Member and GRAPA Latin American Chairperson


Implementing Effective Fraud and Risk Assessment when Launching New Services and Promotions

Assessing the Impact of Migration to VoIP on the Spike in the Enterprise Fraud

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