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FRX - Telecoms Fraud Management Apprentice Certification 

Express Program - For people who have already completed the RAI Program 

Telecoms Fraud Management for 2022 (EXPRESS) 

This program has been designed to allow people with a DUAL-DISCIPLINE (RA and Fraud Management) to get the FULL Apprentice Certification in both without having to go through the same material twice. The FRX program focuses on those things SPECIFIC to TELECOMS FRAUD MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS that are unique to the Fraud Management Professional. 

This 2 Hour Online Live course reviews the core competencies, skills and methodologies compiled and reported by GRAPA including:
     * Exploit Chain Analysis
     * Method of Deception (MOD), Method of Conversion(MOC) and Method of Inception (MOI) techniques and analytics
     * The Defensive Rings Approach to Fraud Mitigation
     * The creation and categorization of unique Fraud Management Traps and Alarms including Honeypots, Secret Shopper , Fraud Management System and Others.

Completion of the program qualifies the student for entry into the Telecoms Fraud Management Foundations Program (CTFA Full Certification Program) for Fraud Analysts.

Students will be awarded the Telecoms Fraud Apprentice certification.

Prerequisite : 2 day (RAI – Revenue Assurance Introduction or TGAI – Telecoms Governance Introduction) program.

NOTE : This class is an Add-On for someone who has completed the TGAI/RAI Program. People interested in ONLY the Fraud Apprentice certification should see the TFMI (2 Day Fraud Management Introductory Program)  

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