MasterClass for Telecoms Fraud Professionals
GRAPA's Telco Fraud and Cyber Security Training is the industries oldest, most extensive and recognized of certifications available for the telecoms fraud professional. 

Over 800 Fraud, Audit and Security Analyst have succesfully completed this 40-hour certification and workshop program.

This program was compiled soliciting best practices in fraud management and the unique application of cyber-enabled fraud management for fraud specialists around the world and has been designed to provide attendees with a new, innovative, and comprehensive approach to the professional practice of combating fraud.

The unique and comprehensive GRAPA fraud standards, governance model, methodologies and framework guarantee the student is being provided with the latest and best in Fraud Containment tools and approaches.

GRAPA's exploit-library-driven approach provides a grounding for fraud professionals in real-world risks and exposures.
Method of Delivery: Online Live (2 Hrs / day) 
(2 Week, 4 Weeks or 10 Weeks) 
Duration: (10 Units) 40 Hours  
Prerequisite : FCSI (Intro to Fraud Management - Apprentice program) (OPTIONAL) 
Certification : CTFA(Certified Telecoms Fraud Analyst) or DCFP (Data & Cyber Fraud Professional)
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Telecoms fraud management is changing at a exponential rate, as traditional fraudsters learn how to adapt their incursion methods to leverage cyber-attacks. The scope of the fraud manager is greatly increased in this new reality, but the majority for fraud management teams are decidedly behind the times when it comes to modernizing their approaches and catching up with the fraudsters themselves. 


Cyber Security Confusion

One of the biggest challenges the fraud management team faces, is the internal battle over responsibility when it comes to CYBER FRAUD. Is cyberfraud a primarily FRAUD issue, or primarily an I/T Security issue. Too many teams are learning too late that the fraud team needs to take the lead if frauds are going to be detected and mitigated effectively.

Whether you want to empower your team to move in the direction of the new generation of Cyber-Enabled Fraud Countermeasures or the more traditional approach to running a fraud management team, our core curricullum can help move your team in the right direction. 

Our unit based customization approach allows you to focus on those things most critical to YOUR TEAM - today and in the future.

Telecoms Fraud Management Program Outline Professional Practices, Principles & Methods

1. Telecoms Fraud Management Fundamentals
2. Managing a fraud management system effectively
3. Voice Network Fraud and Controls
4. Data Network Fraud and Controls
5. Interconnect Frauds – Non-Traffic based
6. Interconnect Frauds – Traffic based
7. Roaming Fraud Management
8. Physical Hacking of Voice and Data Networks
9. Logical Hacking of Voice and Data Networks
10. Social Engineering and its role in frauds
11. Collusion and Employee Frauds
12. Collusion and Customer Frauds
13. Accounting Fraud Management
14. Corporate Sales and Backhaul Fraud
15. Customer Frauds
16. Channel, Agent and Point of Sales Fraud
17. Supply Chain Fraud
18. Mbanking, Money Laundering and Credit Card Frauds
19. Broadcast and Content Fraud Management
20. Principles of Cyber Fraud Management

Learn about the primary mission of Fraud Management to:

a) Proactively identify all major risks to the company due to fraud attack from user, partner and cyber attack vectors. 
b) Quantify those risks in a consistent manner so that management has a clear understanding of how significant that risk is
c) Report and follow-up on risk to operational teams and top management
d) Mitigate the risk and work with operational manager to remedy the root causes.

Learning Objectives :

* Gain an exhaustive overview of all of the different areas within the telecom where Fraud Management teams are typically involved
* Learn about SiMBOX Fraud, Interconnect Frauds, Bypass Fraud, Traffic Piracy, Premium Rate Fraud, PBX HACKING AND ALL OTHER MAJOR FORMS OF TELECOMS FRAUD
* Learn the latest methods for the detection and deterence of the largest frauds
* Learn about the emerging role of fraud management within the context of the larger cyber security domain
* A comprehensive introduction to the full range of fraud vulnerabilities in network, I/T, sales, operations, accounting, channels and the customer domains.
* Learn how proactive FM teams are helping protect their companies assets and revenues
* An introduction to the Scientific, Systematic and Proven approach to the organization and addressing of fraud risks as defined by the GRAPA standards and Fraud Experts from around the world
* Learn how frauds are organized and carried out , and the proper methods for detection and deterrence of the frauds.
* How to build and deploy an effective and efficient fraud management team.