Business Intelligence for Revenue Assurance

Leveraging BI to empower your Revenue Assurance practice

Take the first step in the journey to understanding how to  effectively apply Business Intelligence to your RA Practice. 
* This is a free certification event 

Method of Delivery: Online Live 
Duration: 4 Hours  
Testing & Workshops: Yes - Required for Certification
Prerequisite :  None 
Certification : CARB (Certified Apprentice in Revenue Assurance Business Intelligence) 

Something is Missing!

The GRAPA - Business Intelligence for Revenue Assurance  Program provides RA professionals with that key "missing piece" that makes it possible to accomplish revenue assurance objectives using BI tools and methods.

The Missing Key to effective BI for RA

The biggest problem with Business Intelligence training is that it teaches you how to do things with data that is already clean, formatted and well understood. 

Figuring out which data to use, how to prepare it and what to do with it is something they "neglect to mention". 

This Class will teach you

  • Where to find data 
  • What to do with the data 
  • How to create true "INTELLIGENCE' out of the data 
  • ROUND OUT your Business Intelligence skillset with Critical Thinking, Model Building and True Insight

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