ICT Revenue Intelligence

MASTERCLASS in Business Intelligence & Business Assurance for ICT/Telecoms Revenues

Method of Delivery: Online Live or OnDemand Recordings
Duration:  1 Hour 
Testing & Workshops: No
Prerequisite :  None 


The GRAPA - ICT Revenue Intelligence Program is a revolutionary new approach to the identification, analysis and management of ICT/Telecoms revenue, profit and customer behavior using the latest Cyber and Data Intelligence methodologies. 

Learn how you and your team can quickly master the complex world of ICT Revenue Intelligence using the latest in Cyber Intelligence methodologies and approaches.

Learn how to apply: . 

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) 
  • Systems Intelligence (SYSINT) 
  • Data Intelligence (CYBINT)

To all of your organizations revenue information and assurance needs including:

  • Product Management 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Business Assurance 
  • Risk Management 
  • Revenue Assurance 
  • Marketing Intelligence 

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