New Age Assurance for the New Age Operator


The "New Age" of the Information, Communications and Technology Industry has arrived. Carriers of every description are reshaping themselves into a whole new industry of products, services and business models never before imagined.

The challenge for the assurance professional in this emerging new ecosystem is tremendous.

- New technologies mean new methods of capturing and processing revenue information.

- New business models mean more complicated partnerships and revenue sharing schemes.

- New assumptions about profitability and payback models mean that "assuring" the operator is more difficult than ever before.


Since 2007 GRAPA has worked to help revenue assurance, internal audit, fraud management , profit accounting and other assurance professionals to continuously upgrade the skills, methods and knowledge that makes them successful.



GRAPA’s New Age Assurance Initative for 2015

In the spring of 2015 GRAPA announced an all out attack on the many different issues facing modern Infromation, Communications and Technology operators, and the professionals dedicated to assuring their revnues and profits.

This initiative has been developed to help professionals from the many different regions of the world, and the diverse technology and opertional backgrounds that reflect our industry to get together in order to forge a common vision, and a common framework for the continuation and advancement of the assurnce disciplines within the industry.


New Age "Forums" for the New Age Assurance Professional

Just as the industry itself continues to explore new frontiers of communication and connectivity between individuals, so too has GRAPA begun to explore new ways of making concensus, collaboration and the entire standards development process more accessible, more convenient and more representative of the membership at large.



Participate in the Initiative

GRAPA offers several ways for our membership to participate in the shaping of the new age assurance profession. These include:

- Regional Certification and Workshop Events

- Online "Townhall" meetings and "Workshop" Sessions


See our online and regional event websites for more information:

- For GRAPA - Regional Events visit :

- For GRAPA - Online Events visit :





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