$200 / 1 Month$100 / Month for 10 Months ($1000)

One low monthly subscription fee will get you access to the entire library of GRAPA cerrtification programs, coaching services and free webiinars and workshops. 

Best Practices in Revenue Assurance
Since 2007

Subscriptions starting at just$100 / Month - 10 Months or $200 / 1 Month - Pay as you go

As the worlds largest and most recognized organization for the training and certification of Revenue Assurance professionals, GRAPA is pleased to be able to offer our latest innovation, SUBSCRIPTION BASED professional development.

This innovative new approach allows each manager, each CFO and each professional to develop a customized program which focuses on what they need to know, wh en they need to know it. Delivered in a format that makes it easier to manage and at a lower cost than ever before.

Classes & Certification


Students will be provided access to the GRAPA Library of over 200 Hours of best practices training and certification, delivered in easy to understand Courses. 

Each Course (4-6 Hours) covers a different topic key to the delivery of Revenue Assurance in the modern ICT organization.

Students will earn a Competency Mastery Certificate for each course completed, and provides credit towards their full certification

Available Cerrtifications

  1. GSM
  2. MVNO
  3. IOT 
  4. OTT 
  5. 5G 
  6. Digital Finance
  7. Fixed Consumer 
  8. Cloud Services
  9. Corporate Services
  10. Business Intelligence for RA
  11. Agile Revenue Assurance
  12. Cyber Security in RA

Webinars & Workshops


Your monthly subscription includes access to  a series of weekly special interest webinars and workshops, which will feature latest best practices, emerging trends in the industry and a chance to meet with and compete against other professionals. 

Latest topics include:

  1. How to apply Revenue Assurance fo IOT, OTT, MVNO, mBanking, 5G and more. 
  2. Mastering the application of Agile, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and other tools to your Revenue Assurance challenges. 
  3. Fun games and contests where you can measure your mastery against other professionals from around the world. 

Coaching & Mentoring


Included with every subscription are pre-paid coaching and mentoring sessions which professionals can use to get direction, feedback and guidance on how best to refine their skills and boost their careers. 

Your chance to get feedback and direction from some of the industries best experts in the professional practice of Revenue Assurance and the enhancement of your own career.