Haifa D. Balfaqih

Certification Date:  1 February 2012

Certification:  Certified Master-Revenue Assurance Management

GRAPA Member since 24 September 2011

I am MBA graduate from University of Strathyclyde, Scotland. I have earned worldwide experience the last 16 years working as Financial & Information Technology Manager / Expert in Accounting and Finance units. I have worked with institutions in the USA, Kuwait, Canada, Dubai and finally in Oman. The last two years been dedicated to design, write and implement strategic process and procedures and financial end users manuals for Omantel. Being detailed oriented with a USA BA degree, double majoring in Finance and IT have optimized my analytical skills in defining policies, documenting processes, managing technologies requirements, setting and building organizational financial authorities. My experience adds value when measuring performance, controlling costs, implementing financials processes, procedures and internal controls.

My excellent communication skills, dedication to work, and leadership abilities been crystallized working in variety of cultures. The culture differences have formalized my ability to accept changes and to streamline new concepts, techniques, and to earn international respect from all employers.

Am married with 2 intelligent, beautiful girls. My life ambition is to raise my girls to become both ministers of Oman. I usually, find peace, when oil colors are in my hand, yet am knotty and loud when a football is in the other hand.

So finally, from Yemeni last name to Kuwaiti loving childhood, to the US/ UK degrees, to Canadian work experiences, to the peaceful Oman and birth of my children. Globalization I am.