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"Revenue Assurance Standards - 2009"

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The Newly Released - 200+ page Book - "The Revenue Assurance Standards - 2009"
This book provides a complete, in-depth review of the GRAPA Standards for the practice of revenue assurance in telecommunications. Compiled based upon 2 years of effort by dozens of volunteers around the world, this book represents the most comprehensive exploration and report on the status of the revenue assurance industry and profession today.
The Revenue Assurance Standards - 2009 Included in this book:
  • Findings from the extensive GRAPA Benchmarks on revenue assurance practices
  • Summary of standard practices from over 300 participating carriers from Africa. SE Asia, Europe, South America, North America and the Middle East
  • A complete breakdown of the revenue assurance lifecycle, including the identification of key KPI points
  • A guide to the organizational and operational integration of revenue assurance with the rest of the organization
  • An introduction to the exciting 'REVENUE MAXIMIZATION' aspects of revenue assurance practices
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The "Original" Reference Manual - "The Revenue Assurance Handbook" (2005)
A comprehensive guide to the setup, execution and management of the Revenue Assurance function within telecommunications companies. This book provides readers with information about how to use new technologies and revolutionary new approaches to help make revenue assurance faster, better, easier and more efficient than ever before possible. A must read for any serious telecommunications revenue assurance, billing audit or other financial Telco manager.
This book represents the sum total of over 25 years experience in the management of telco information systems and the revenue assurance function.

The first and only book to take a comprehensive look at the complete revenue assurance problem from the:
  • Technical
  • Organizational
  • Financial
  • Operational Perspectives