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The GRAPA framework focuses on building the proper financial viability & integrity framework from the very beginning of the Digital Financial Service Product Development lifecycle. From design, to implementation, to launch  and on a continuous basis from then on. 

Financial viability & integrity that continuously adjusts to the changing risk vectors that are part of the modern Digital Financial Services business model. 

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Protecting Digital Financial Services
Revenues Profits & Reputation

The GRAPA –Financial Viabililty & Integratiy  Assurance Program for Digital Financial Services provides the Finance, Security, Fraud and Revenue Assurance professional, interested in learning about how to mitigate the risks of revenue, profit and reputation loss in the exploding world of Digital financial services.

The program is designed to help experienced digital financial services employees to better understand the benefits that can be gained by employing proven ICT revenue assurance & cyber security  approaches to their financial oversight functions. 

The GRAPA - DFS Protection Framework

This program is the first in a series of several 4 Hour certification programs that help the professional build up their expertise in the application of revenue assurance to all of the different digital financial services revenue streams.

The Digital financial services industry includes a vast assortment of Digital Payment Processors, Digital Gateways, Mobile Wallet, Digital  Digital Wallet - mBanking , Digital Remittance Services, Payment Processor - Gateway , Peer to Peer Lending ,MicroFinance and Insurtech service providers.and the GRAPA program can teach the student about how to best apply revenue assurance to all of them.