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The GRAPA framework focuses on building the proper financial viability & integrity framework from the very beginning of the MVNO lifecycle. From consideration to negotiation, from provisioning to launch and on a continuous basis from then on. 

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Financial Viability of MVNO/MNO Partnershps

For the  Finance Executive responsible for an MVNO/MNO agreement, it is clear that the “traditional” governance, risk and financial controls required to mitigate the many risks associated with these agreements are insufficient.

The complex and unique nature of an MVNO agreement defies normal, linear assurance approaches. Successful MVNO finance teams have learned that a unique combination of “top down” margin controls, coupled with a comprehensive “bottoms up” transactional approach will yield the optimum balance of risk and reward that investors and executives are looking for. 

The GRAPA - MVNO/MNO Framework

Our framework provides the risk governance team with the concepts, tools and approaches they need to quickly assess the overall MVNO operational environment, pinpoint key risk areas and recommend approaches to mitigating that risk. Based upon our 10 plus years of experience working providing Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Risk Assessment expertise and training for MNO’s and VNO’s from around the world, our solution can help you navigate the chaos that is typically involved in MVNO startup and operational hardening. 


MVNO/MNO - Special Interest Facebook Group


This is a private (invitation only) Facebbok Group,  focused on the sharing of information, inputs and issues of concern to the MVNO Financial Governance and Assurance professional.

All members of the GRAPA - MVNO - SIG are automatically enrolled as members of this group and you are welcome to sign up for notifications aboue any postings made by other members of the GROUP. 

Access & Protocols

Membership is the group is open to all interested members. The group is moderated by volunteers from GRAPA's membership.

We ask that all postings be:
1. Limited to topics related directly to the challenges and issues facing MVNO professionals.
2. Solicitation for software, hardware, consulting services or employment search are part of the mission of this group.
3. We require all members to communicate with respect for fellow members.
4. Please refrain from swearing, deriding or criticizing people or their situations.
5. This is not a forum for the spewing of vitriol, the intention to be a place to productively and jointly sovle problems, not a place to vent your anger or grievances.