Financial Viabilty & Intergrity for Corporate Services - Special Interest Group
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The GRAPA framework focuses on building the proper financial viability & integrity framework from the very beginning of the development of a Corporate Services Proposal, through negotiation, closing, provisioining, launch and the ongoing adjustment of the agreement for maximum financial optimization. 

From consideration to negotiation, from provisioning to launch and on a continuous basis from then on. 

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What is Corporate Services all about?

For decades, corporate services has been a mysterious "back office" function for most RA professionals. 

Now, businesses are realizing that developing more exhasustive and inclusive ways or analyzing and assuring the commercial viablity of these projects is key to their long term success. 

Full Product Lifecycle Financial Viability

For decades, GRAPA has been pionnering RA for Corporate Services fornensics, controls and corrections disciplines.

Now you can participate in a community focused on this highly dynamic, and eclectic business environment.