The GRAPA framework focuses on building the proper financial viability & integrity framework from the very beginning of the MVNO lifecycle. From consideration to negotiation, from provisioning to launch and on a continuous basis from then on. 

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Mastering GSM Revenues & Profits

Understanding the details about how revenues are managed in a GSM environment is a big job. It takes years of experience to accumulate the depth and breadth of information it takes to be a truly effective troub le-shooter in this environment. 

The scope of the Revenue Assurance function and the need for more and more services in an ongoing process. 

Assuring the entire GSM product development lifecyle

It only take a little bit of extra insight and undestanding of how things work to get a huge difference in the effectiveness of your team. 

Our unique problem solving based workshop approach gives your team the personal mentoring support they need, combined with several hours of our proven best practices lectures and material on all things GSM Assurance related.