An Introduction to Revenue Assurance

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Managing risk in the telecom has always been a big job and has always been the primary mission of the Revenue Assurance, Fraud, Business Assurance, and Audit professional. 

But understanding what those risks are, how to find them, and how to address them takes a special kind of person, and a special kind of approach. 

In this class, we introduce the student to the core principles that drive the governance function in telecoms and ICT, the key issues and challenges that the industry creates, and the proven methods employed to reduce risk and add profit to the company. 

Class Syllabus


  1. How roles are organized in the telecom 
  2. Roles of Engineers, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Governance 
  3. Role and definition of the Revenue Operations and Revenue Governance Disciplines and the eclectic way they are applied in telecoms 
  4. How telecoms manage risk in a unique way 
  5. How Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Business Assurance, and Internal Audit each work in their own ways to mitigate risk 
  6. The fluid and dynamic nature of the telecoms environment 

Class Outline
Mobile, Fixed, Media, Broadband, Corporate, Financial, IOT, OTT & Streaming

Consumer Products and Services 

  • Fixed Voice 
  • Mobile Voice 
  • Fixed Data (DSL, Fiber, Cable) 
  • Mobile Data (3G/4G) 
  • WiFi / HotSpot
  • Broadcast / Streaming 

Business, Government, and Wholesale 

  • MPLS and CVPN 
  • Leased Line and Private Clouds 
  • Wholesale (Voice, Roaming, Internet, IXP) 
  • Satellite and Microwave 

NextGen Products and Services 

  • MVNO 
  • mBanking 
  • eFinance 
  • 5G
  • IOT
  • OTT

Applying Proven Approaches to New Problems

This class provides the student with the foundational principles that underlie the practice of successful, relevant telecoms and ICT Governance and shows how even the oldest, most traditional approaches can still be utilized to solve the emerging generation of problems.

Students are introduced to the basic terminology, concepts, and unique approaches that are used by network engineers and telecoms professionals to work with the incredibly complex and diverse products and services the telecom offers. We detail the different Revenue Operations and Security Support disciplines and how they integrate to make ICT Service providers profitability a reality.

Take the first step in the journey to understanding how to effectively apply GRAPA’s principles and best practices approach to mastering telecoms revenue, fraud, business assurance, and risk management across the full range of carrier products and services for the traditional as well as the non-conventional operation. Learn how this unique competency-based approach can help simplify and supercharge your governance management efforts.

* This certification is a pre-requisite to attendance at any other GRAPA certification event.